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Question k = 2 thru 31 Ten Million Digit numbers

I've also been sieving small k, for ten million digit numbers in the exponent range 33219277 +.
Currently I using NewPGen, although I am aware that a multi-sieve would be better. On the flip side there isnt much call for them yet do to the bug, so it is not as crucial to sieve candidates at maximum efficiency, that may never be used/tested.

Any information reguarding Ten million digit primes, with small k < 31 can be posted here!
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This looks like a good place to post info reguarding 10 million digit general mersenne primes.

The file is less than a million now!
There are no less than 2, Riesel primes with the legnth of
10M thru 10M and 7 digits.

There should be between 3 and 4 primes here according to the known distribution.
Odd k were included in the file, so this may not contain all gM primes.

Approximate Odds from conservative to hopeful:

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Thumbs up Riesel sieve status (10 million digit candidates)

I had a few sieving problems, due to windows errors, but.
All Riesel primes, for 10M digits to 10M+7 digits have been sieved up to
170 Trillion(p). Acurately and tediously double checked.

This file can be cross referenced by the 15k search,
when candidates are eventually chosen.
The file size is just over 1,140,000 candidates. 1/28 the original size.
There are about 3 primes in here, that qualify for the $100,000 prize.

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How long will it take to test each candidate? My guess would be at least a month on a typical machine. Any estimates from LLRP4 users?

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It takes me about a month and half, on a 1.5 Mhz P4.

This version is smoking hot!!!

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