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Default Disapproving of Jews is not anti-semitism

I'm hearing rumors about a law which is supposedly going to prevent anti-semitism, but might actually suppress free speech when it comes to being disapproving of Israelite and other Jewish practices.

Make no mistake, God is God independent of what anyone might think, be they me, you, or anyone else.

Disapproving of Israel is not automatically anti-semitism. When I say Israelites are unfairly treating Palestinians, I am most definitely not behaving against the God of Israel, the one true God. What I am doing is telling the truth by condemning the behavior of His disobedient followers.

Remember my words when someone calls and demands that this thread be deleted.
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Disapproving of Jews (because they are Jews) IS anti-Semitism.
Disapproving of some acts or words of individual Jews is not.

So the title of your thread is objectionable and the word "not" should be removed from it.

Disapproving of the state of Israel because it is a state inhabited by Jews is anti-Semitism.
Disapproving of the state of Israel because of its theocratic laws and discrimination based on religion or because of a general disapproval of states or because some of its politics or acts is not.

That said it seems the proposed law has the elimination of public disapproval of Israel as objective.

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Dr Sardonicus
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Default Just so you know...

This topic is already under discussion in Soap Box, "Worldwide Nightmare Theatre, Empire of Chaos Enhanced and Expanded."
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