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Dale Mahalko
Mar 2015

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Talking HTML5 prime number searching?

I am a school tech support employee, and occasionally I get people bringing in broken Chromebooks where they say "it's slow" "it's crashing" etc, but then when I use it I can't find anything wrong.

I need some way to torture the CPU and memory in Chromebooks to force it to crash, and Prime95 has been very helpful in the past when dealing with unstable Windows computers.

Is it possible to implement a prime number worker in HTML5 so I can make these poor weak little Chromebook CPUs cry out for mercy?
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Sep 2002
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Default has my HTML/JavaScript program, but maybe better would be a tight floating point loop

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Jan 2013

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Couldn't you chroot some Linux and run mprime?
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Dale Mahalko
Mar 2015

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The problem is that I am trying to diagnose what's wrong with a Chromebook "as-is" without extensively modifying the system. It may end up running an entirely different OS version when the flash is erased and switched to the developer mode OS.

Imagine having to wipe out Windows 7 on a device and having to format the drive and load say Debian to do stress testing. The test environment is now completely different from where we started and may not even be a valid comparison vs running with Windows 7.

Google is annoying in this regard because they provide absolutely nothing for hardware diagnostics and monitoring when a Chromebook is running in the default dumbed-down OS mode.
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Dec 2012

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I have never used a chromebook so I'm not quite sure what will do the trick for you. Do you know about crosh and its memtest? Is it very effective? If not, would loading (and tiling) 20 tabs of high resolution 3D models test it in the way you want it to?

As for CPU, what came to my mind was this folding@home browser app. Does it even work on your chromebooks?

I apologise if none of this is of any use to you.

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"Ed Hall"
Dec 2009
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If you're interested in stress testing the hardware, can you simply create a Live USB of linux with mprime and run that? That would not touch the local OS.
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Just call me Henry
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Sep 2007
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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
If you're interested in stress testing the hardware, can you simply create a Live USB of linux with mprime and run that? That would not touch the local OS.
Also possible with windows:
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Feb 2009

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You can't boot Chromebook from a USB drive without switching it into dev mode first. Switching is accompanied with powerwash. Though all the user profile data is stored at Google and restored back after sign-in to the account.
So, testing Chromebook includes:
1) switch to dev mode with auto powerwash
2) enabling booting from USB
3) loading live OS and testing
4) switching back from dev mode and auto powerwash (boot from USB will be switched off after this)
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