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Jun 2005

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Originally Posted by TTn
If it is prime, there WILL NOT be another one, for a few years.
Why not?

If prime numbers are truly distributed randomly, then it's still as likely another prime will be found tomorrow as it was a week ago.

This sounds like the same logic that believes a number is 'due' to come up with dice, because it hasn't in awhile.

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Both logics dont really make sense.

If a coin is tossed, and heads comes up 100 times in a row, there absolutely is a measureable advantage for tails to come up. However... who really knows.. Answer, Viswanath, and Fibonacci.

Mp do tend to cluster, and then have gaps.
I know more about this than anyone here, because I studied the general sequence. My data has given me a more acurate picture of the clustering, and gapping.

The statement was more declaritive in nature.

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Originally Posted by TTn
If a coin is tossed, and heads comes up 100 times in a row, there absolutely is a measureable advantage for tails to come up.
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Jun 2005

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Originally Posted by TTn
Mp do tend to cluster, and then have gaps
Hmmm. With a sample size of only 42, I don't imagine you can draw such conclusions from the data alone.

However, I believe you're correct, because that's the way randomness is. In any case, you can't say anything definitive about when we'll find the next Mersenne prime.

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Dec 2003
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Strange... If I remember correctly, the last time a Mersenne prime was found, some users were able to narrow down the list of possibilities to about 4 or 5 almost immediately. But I don't know how they did it...
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Dec 2002

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Can someone change the header to 'holy math, new Mersenne prime?'
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Feb 2005

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I prefer "Holy Tethered Cow, New Mersenne Prime?"
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Originally Posted by PhilF
I prefer "Holy Tethered Cow, New Mersenne Prime?"

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As a past discoverer, I'm supposed to be notified automatically by the server.

I have not heard anything.

I'll phone Ernst now.
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Sep 2002
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I just got a PM from George - he has no e-mail access but is apparently able to login to his mersenneforum account, although I can't vouch for the speed of his internet connection.

Briefly: the usual suspects have been rounded up to do the independent verification(s), and George will be back tomorrow evening to do his usual contact-the-discoverer thing and check the original-run data (results.txt output and last savefile).

If it pans out, this will be a nice holiday stocking-stuffer (though I'm not at liberty to say just how large a stocking one would need, heh, heh. ;)

Luke, I don't know what happened the automatic notification you mentioned - George manages that stuff.

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Oct 2005

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If I understand well, in the past there were some false positive ?
They were due to software or hardware problems ?
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