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Default January 2008 Status

Status update:

2, 787+ is in the "Linear Algebra" phase.
Sieving is underway for 10,239+
My comments below are (...)

On Jan 13, 2008, at 2:51 PM, Greg Childers wrote:
The linear algebra for 2,787P is now running. There are 97322083 unique relations

(We collected about 126M gross relations.)

and a matrix of size 9174878 x 9175126 with weight 615388458 was produced.

(Somewhat larger than I had hoped.)

Based on current progress, it should take about 21.5 days to complete, so we should have the factors by February 3rd or 4th.

(That fits well with the 10,239+ sieving.
Sorry, Sam, for this month, it looks as if any additional factors from our group will have to come from Bruce's ECM effort.)


(For the Group,

Richard Wackerbarth
Chief Bit Shuffler
The NFSNet Factoring Group)

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