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Default Primenet percentage update

So, I just started my first test (exponent 114670243) and am at nearly 1% already but on the gimps primenet site, it still shows 0.0% and gives an absurd completion date in 2025. I've a stable internet connection. Will the server update the completion status automatically? I'm in cat-4 so I have 90 days to "start" the assignment but I would like the current % to be reflected on the site ASAP.
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If you have done 1% of the work in 1 day, the day of completion will of course be about 100 days in the future, which is not uncommon for exponents of his size. The estimated completion day factors in the number of days your computer is switched on. If it is set to 8 hours a day, but it was on for 24 hours in the time that work on this assignment started than it is running three times as fast as estimated based on the number of hours set.

You can change the number of hours the computer is working on this exponent to get a more realistic estimation, assuming that the machine is actually on for that many hours a day.
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The site will show your progress once the program has communicated with the server, which is once a day by default.
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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
but I would like the current % to be reflected on the site ASAP.
This is a really big really slow project. Your computer will communicate with the server to update its status approximately once/day (unless you change settings). By default it will check the server for updates twice a day (new assignments that are on the server that are not on your computer, assignments that were cancelled on the server, updates to your account settings on the server, PRP certification assignments if you are eligible to run them, etc.).

Your computer will also communicate with the server when it completes an assignment and has information to upload.

Your ETA for your first few assignments will likely be way off. It takes a while before Prime95/mprime sends realistic estimates for how long the assignment will take. It took about 3 assignments completed before the first computer I had running Prime95 gave sensible ETAs. If you change settings, the ETA estimates will reset and take a long time to correct. I wouldn't worry about the ETA shown on the server, it doesn't really matter.

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Moreover, to add to what they said, you can "manually" communicate with the server any time. From P95's menus, Advanced, Manual Communication, check the last two boxes, click ok. You will see the progress (and the new expiration times) on the server.
Edit: don't do this too often, I know the newcomers are quite impatient, but the test will not go faster if you flood the server with update requests. In fact, connection to the internet and the server is not needed for the test to finish, you only need it when reporting the results and getting new assignments.

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...and uploading PRP-proof files, which is very important.

Welcome, Neil.

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