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Originally Posted by mart_r View Post
The other gap finally got empocketed this morning.
4397298 19.6406 224423#/107371994730-2375864
Gap verified. Endpoints:

224423#/107371994730-2375864+0 is Lucas PRP! (573.4657s+0.0420s)
224423#/107371994730-2375864+0 is 31-PRP! (158.3670s+0.0416s)
224423#/107371994730-2375864+0 is 61-PRP! (153.6002s+0.0383s)
224423#/107371994730-2375864+0 is 89-PRP! (151.6521s+0.0389s)
224423#/107371994730-2375864+0 is 107-PRP! (152.2096s+0.0395s)
224423#/107371994730-2375864+0 is 127-PRP! (152.4766s+0.0384s)

224423#/107371994730-2375864+4397298 is Lucas PRP! (588.1537s+0.0406s)
224423#/107371994730-2375864+4397298 is 31-PRP! (155.4292s+0.0398s)
224423#/107371994730-2375864+4397298 is 61-PRP! (152.4790s+0.0404s)
224423#/107371994730-2375864+4397298 is 89-PRP! (154.3925s+0.0398s)
224423#/107371994730-2375864+4397298 is 107-PRP! (152.6616s+0.0402s)
224423#/107371994730-2375864+4397298 is 127-PRP! (154.4092s+0.0402s)
2,168,869 factors and 29,779 composite PRP tests: (Use 7-zip)

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Originally Posted by ATH View Post
Gap verified.

Thank you ATH for verifying these! I manually entered them (always a little scary) and pushed to the GitHub repository just now (commit 3dfd00de)

I'll update the wiki site on next week
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Many many thanks ATH!

My next gaps will be smaller in both number size and gap size.
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Couple of updates

Craig did it again! They submitted the fifth largest gap by merit a 38.2 merit record! They now have the 3rd, 4th, and 5th largest merit records!

Martin added three Megagaps (gap > 1,000,000), thanks ATH for verifying these.

We continue to submit new records and improvements at a breakneck pace; 23,130 so far this year! This is more records than we have remaining from 2017 (the highest other year). The average merit of these records is ~22.1! (the median merit of all records is 19.48)

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It will be interesting to see how these facts on prime gaps change over the next year:
  • As of the most recent list, the lowest gap size with no known prime pair is 113326.
  • The 10th smallest such gap is 124106
  • The 100th smallest such gap is 137966
  • The 1000th smallest such gap is 156288
  • The 10000th smallest such gap is 198692

I expect the 10000th will soon be over 200000
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This was the "most wanted" gap with no known pair of primes!

113326 11.5806 62857*9859#/46410-57330

119222 will now be the smallest missing gap in the table.

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