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Default A new factor of F11?!

When using Leonid Durman's "Fermat.exe version 4.4, beta" software, I got the following result:

found m=10, k=395937, n=14
395937.2^14+1 divides F_10

found m=12, k=11613415, n=14
11613415.2^14+1 divides F_12

found m=11, k=19009615, n=14
19009615.2^14+1 divides F_11
I used the input "n = 14 to 14" and "k = 9 to 100000000"

The first two factors are known, but the third factor is not listed on Wilfrid Keller's list. I'm assuming that it's not a new factor and that this "Fermat.exe" program is somehow flawed.
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It's the product of the two small factors found already.

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Well, that solves that mystery...

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