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Default AMD hardware level debugger cracked

Link to the full article.

A hardware hacker has discovered a secret debugging feature hidden in all AMD chips made in the past decade.

The password-protected debugger came as a shock to reverse-engineers who have hungered for an on-chip mechanism for performing conditional and direct-hardware breakpoint operations. Although AMD has built the firmware-controlled feature into all chips since the Athlon XP, the company kept it a closely guarded secret that was only disclosed late last week by a hacker who goes by the name Czernobyl.
I wonder if this could be used to further optimize the Prime95 client on AMD machines?

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Why would they keep something like this secret? Makes no sense to me.
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Originally Posted by jasong View Post
Why would they keep something like this secret? Makes no sense to me.
Once you disclose these things then you also have to provide support for them. Easier just to keep quiet and if someone else figures it out then it is their problem to document and support it if they want to.
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Would be interesting if IDA Pro (Advanced) would support it.
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