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Unhappy GHz-Days on one of my systems is not updated

I have 7 systems running GIMPS software. All are okay except for one of them. All are running Windows and the appropriate software and the one system is running Linux 64bit. When I look at the statistics on my computers, the Linux box has 0.0000 for Ghz-Days in the table. The computer is running Linux64,Prime95,v25.11,build 2. The GHz-Days never goes above 0. I've tried to delete and re-add the system several times and let it run... It NEVER shows anything other 0.0 even though locally, I see progress on its work assignment.

I really don't care about credits or whatever. Just wondering if anyone else has also seen this problem or has a fix for it.

Thanks, Tom Mc

My account is ctBuckweed and the Linux box is deimos if you are able to view it.
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Originally Posted by ctBuckweed View Post
It NEVER shows anything other 0.0 even though locally, I see progress on its work assignment.
~90-99.9% chance that what is happening is:
You machine has not returned any completed work. Until the assignment (an L-L test I presume) is complete and turned in, you get no credit on the server. Locally it will show that it is 37% complete or whatever. Shorter tests like the Trial Factoring, P-1, or ECM will complete faster and show results on the PrimeNet server.

What you are seeing is likely quite normal.

Thanks for joining.
If this does not seem to be the problem, please say something.
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By logging in and then going to, you can check that your computers are updating as they should.
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