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Aug 2002

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Default Network Administration software for Prime ?

Hi George, and all Primers smile

I'm just wondering whether there's any sort of network administration / monitoring software available to run with Prime 95 out there ?

The reason I ask is this I have approximately 130 PCs here, most of them are P2-P3 level with a sprinkling of Athlons / Durons, and about 15 P4's. I currently use most of them for (the P2's, P3's and Athlons) as most of the PCs only have 64-128M of RAM and this is not enough to do Stage 2 factoring when people wish to use the PCs... however, most of the P4's (with 256M) I've set to do Prime because they suck at (even with parallisation of the cores). There are plenty of third-party network admin tools which allow me, when sitting at my own PC, to check the status of any client on any PC on the network, update the client, stop it, install as a service, etc.

Something like this for Prime would be great - I've already wasted several days a few times because I didnt know that there was a problem with a Prime PC until I noticed that the PC(s) in question weren't updating to the Primenet server.

Thanks for reading.
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Aug 2002
Dawn of the Dead

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If you don't run windows have a look here
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Aug 2002

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Fixed URL...

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Aug 2002

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We run Winblows, for the most part... (
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Aug 2002

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Just wanted to chime in about all of those lovely P2's and P3's... ;) They might be just as happy to run P95 with 8mb RAM as this would only reduce the chances of finding factors on exponents by say 4% or so.

From the readme.txt:

In fact, the program will work just fine if you instruct the
program to use only 8MB or less.
Also you could set night time and weekend memory and priority settings differently if your computers are userless at certain times. Perhaps check out the custom timings options in the readme.

Of course with all DC do what makes you happy and you are comfortable with. I just hope that has not missed thier key and they have to roll over into the 1xx %'s.

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Aug 2002

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Indeed. Bit off topic, but seeing as they're now 87% of the way through certainly makes one wonder whether they've missed it or not.
Back on topic, I intend to use most, if not all of the PCs, for Prime once either of the two conditions is met
1. finds that damn key.
2. I update about 60 P2 and P3 class PCs to P4's. (hopefully in the next few months)

Back to the original post - noone has heard of any Windows network monitoring software for Prime95 ?
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Prime Monster
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Aug 2002

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Install one Linux box with samba, as long as grellkmgimps can see the files then you can display what is happening to the client, since it uses the utut files to check the status.

I have never tried this, but I guass it would work.
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