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Default Presumptuous request: account on Linux Nehalem box

Does anyone have a Nehalem system running Linux that they could give me an account on, so that I can see how fast msieve's linear algebra runs with the new memory subsystem, and whether the hyperthreading is good enough to make -t8 faster than -t4? I'd want to use the whole machine, but for only about six hours to decide whether it's actually worth buying one for doing several-month NFS linear algebra runs.

I appreciate msieve may need some tuning for Nehalem, but if it's interestingly fast untuned then it's worth buying one and tuning on it.

I know there are a couple of Nehalem owners here, but I get the impression they're all running Windows.
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I'll be getting a 965 this Friday, and I'll be installing Vista so I can game. I wouldn't mind installing a Linux distro too (possibly Fedora) so that if I need a break from Vista I still have a computer to use.

If I can get Linux working, and if I can figure out how to add another user and give remote access, you could run a test on my box.
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Originally Posted by fivemack View Post
I know there are a couple of Nehalem owners here, but I get the impression they're all running Windows.
RE: Windows -- Of course! Why else would I need a Nehalem? LOL!

I could play with Linux if lavalamp doesn't come through.
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