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Default Mechanics of finger-pointing

Originally Posted by ewmayer
Things are getting really off-topic, so I'm locking the thread. Might I suggest any further discussion of the mechanics of finger-pointing and the origins of Indian civilization be moved to either the Lounge or the SoapBox?
Originally Posted by mfgoode
:surprised This is completely a de trop comment and detracts one from the main topic.

Nevertheless if you want to nit pick I am game for it!

You must learn to think laterally which evidently you dont from my observation on this insolent repartee.

Its simply Newtons third law of motion. Action is equal to Reaction. Also in QM the observer is as important as the observed.
In my case two fingers to you!. How many fingers does that make??

I refrain from making any racial comments on the U.S. though we are neutral.
But remember we (Indians) were civilsed 5000 years ago when the rest were barbarians!
Mally, maybe you should switch to decaf. I was making a lighthearted comment, some friendly joshing. I focused my comments solely on Indians because you prefaced the adage by saying, "in India we have a saying..", if you were to say, "here in Oregon, we have a saying.." I would be singling out Oregonians. That's it. No ill will.

also, I know it's great aerobic exercise, but don't go jumping to conclusions about my lateral thinking abilities. I get the saying .. like I said, I've heard it here in the barbaric and uncivilized United States.

now, to the mechanics of finger pointing ..

Mally, hold up your right hand. Point your index finger at the screen. Notice that your middle finger, ring finger and pinky are pointing back at you. Now, try your damndest to keep your hand oriented as such and point your thumb back at yourself.

Unless you are remarkably flexible, it ain't gunna happen.

Hence, you have 3 fingers pointing back at you.

Not 4.

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Talking Mechanics of finger pointing

Thanks Travis for the tip but the latest on decaf is it's bad for the heart so I'll stick to my original Nescafe Gold Blend any amount a day.
Thanks Professor. It’s more appropriate in the Lounge and I would have seconded the motion straight away.

Travis I am not hurt at all but just parried the blow.

Don’t forget I have spent 5 rigorous years from the age of 10 years in an Irish boarding school on a mountain. We were locked up for 9 months in the year and never got down the Mars Hill of Mount Abu and the discipline was very severe.
Games were as important as studies in the curriculum.

During the monsoon months we had indoor games and I dreaded boxing as I was always matched by a stronger and faster opponent Anslem Scott (R.I.P)
as my sparring partner. The school captain Rodney Essai gave me this advice. If you fall, get up, and if he gives you a left jab, return it with a left hook. Yes good sportsmanship was highly esteemed and we even had a prize for the best loser!
Well that lesson has been firmly ingrained in me from an early age.

Admittedly I have been assertive but not aggressive so please excuse me if I have.

Yes in your reply Fusion power I admit I was caught out and made a careless statement but to parry the blow I used the observed’s reaction by pointing back a finger. Vectors? This would cancel the pointed finger and there would still be 3 fingers pointing back. If I introduced another finger i.e. ‘two fingers to you’ I saved my skin as that made 4 fingers to justify my statement. It was like Einstein juggling with his cosmological constant! Unfortunately that was not only aggressive but insulting.
So no offence meant to you. And as far as I’m concerned the tournament is over
From ‘finger pointing’ lets move on to ‘finger-lickin’ Kentucky Fried.

But now what do I do with the ‘civilisation’ portion and the ‘7 Rishi cities’ of your thread.?
I have done a lot of research on these topics and if I am permitted to continue I would love too..
As a parting tip on science of the hand a flexible thumb which does partly point backwards i.e. making an obtuse angle with the palm and index finger signifies a very amiable and adaptable person. These are the sociable persons and get on well as friends.

On the other hand ( pardon the pun) a rigid thumb signifies a principled and rigid person to deal with. Moreover if the thumb is clubbed and the finger at right angles to the index finger and does not bend, it means a very violent person, so beware. All significant characteriticss of a person are revealed by the thumb. It’s the distinguishing mark of the human race. In the animal kingdom the thumb is poorly represented. The next time you visit a zoo (Whipsnades ?) observe the monkeys. Besides feeding them pea-nuts look out for the thumb. You will see it is under developed!
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Cool Body Language

Body Language,
When Prof. Ewmayer wisely shifted the Thread to the ‘Feature Request’(FR) to ‘Finger pointing and Indian Civilisation’, he knowingly or inadvertently opened up a Gold mine for the rest of us.

I have put this thread under ‘Body Language’ (BL) and perhaps he could amalgamate the two titles, and at the same time not omit what has already been said in (FP) and leave ‘Indian Civilisation’ under a Separate heading.
‘Finger Pointing is just a twig in the branch of a greater study of the tree of Body Language (BL)

I reproduce here extracts from (F)

Quoting Fusion: Just for curiosity, what do you know about the "7 Rishi Cities".
Fusion – ‘who knows this could get really deep!’

Moo says “Insecurity is a process through ones actions. Pointing out another’s mistakes is to make one self secure”

Xilman: “However, communication is a process that happens between two parties”

Asfaicr: Bob Silverman to the effect ‘Our communication in the forum is non verbal and so its important that we hone our writing skills.
True, we express ourselves in writing the best way we can

However it is difficult to gauge one by his or her writing alone.

My father –in –law always said ‘the pen is mightier than the sword but the spoken word rules them both’
But “research suggests that only 7% of the meaning in conversation is contained in the words spoken. The majority of information is communicated by means of a complicated mixture of appearance, gesture, gaze and expression” [Dr. Edward Lewis]
This is what Edward Sapir has to say: “We respond to gestures with extreme alertness and, one might say, in accordance with an elaborate and secret code, that is written nowhere, known by none, and understood by all”

Since our members consist of diverse nationalities it will be interesting to know how they respond to acceptable or non acceptable gestures in their countries.

To kick off this Thread, let’s start with an example:
If two people are sitting side by side, is it advisable to cross your legs so that the sole of your shoe is visible to your neighbour ? In other words, ’Is showing the sole of your shoe to another an insult?
Let’s have your views.
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