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Default Does anyone know more about William James Sidas ?

I was reading an article on various people with extremely high IQ's. One of the names that came up, supposedly as the smartest person that ever lived, was William James Sidas. Although this person never took an IQ test, his was estimated to be 250-300+, an IQ so high as to make Einstien look mentally inept. I can't find hardly any information on this person using Google, but maybe someone here could point me in the right direction? Thanks.

p.s. A bit of info that might help is that he went insane early in his life.
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As has been said before by many people:

Differences in IQ are more a function of the test parameters, not the people.
Couldn't even find this Sidas name on a few lists a couple of different societies have of people with highest IQ. Each has their own list which drastically differ from the others. For example: Einstein is listed at #10 on one list, #76 on another and #234 on another.
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Peter Nelson
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Whoever he is, if he is truly THAT cleverer than the rest of us, let him demonstrate it.


(My IQ in the top 1% of population, supposedly)
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