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Default Boinc

A few weeks ago, PSP started sieving, using the BOINC-platform.
Now I would like to ask, if this is possible for SRB5 too?

Maybe this could speed up this project?
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A Sunny Moo
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I can't imagine why it wouldn't be should be just as easy to implement sr5sieve for BOINC as it was for sr2sieve, since they're quite similar. And as for PRP, since SR5 does it with the LLR software, all you'd have to do is use the same LLR wrapper that PrimeGrid and Riesel Sieve already use for a handful of prime searches (even if it had to be tweaked slightly, it shouldn't need to be tweaked much).

I've noticed that PrimeGrid seems to have a bit of a knack with helping prime search projects go BOINC (it's done so with both TPS and PSP by now)--maybe they'd be interested in doing so for SR5 too? (Hint, hint...)
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4 months ago now - any news?
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BOINC is the bane of my existence. Every time I try it, it works for a little while, and then breaks.

I actually made a plea to a new project, Artificial Intelligence Project, to please supply an alternative to BOINC that can be used to crunch their project.
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I know that not everyone loves BOINC, but I think it could speed up this project.
The last sievd-range was submitted nearly 4 weeks ago, and no one is sieving at the moment. And as far as I can say, there are only 4 or 5 people who return llr-results regularly. So why not try to use BOINC? We don't have to abandon the whole project as we know it because SoB and PSP use Boinc and their "native" clients.
And as mdettweiler already said, there are Boinc projects which "port" non-Boinc projects to Boinc, like Primegrid or Yoyo@home.
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