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Default Question on unfactored numbers...

Hello everyone,

I was wondering, how do I tell if a number being tested is left unfactored once gmp-ecm is done with it? I've already modified the source to add an "output unfactored numbers" option but so far the if statement looks like:
if ((cnt == 0) && (output_unfactored_n == 1))
This way it will only run once, at the end of testing that particular number, but right now it is outputting unfactoreds alongside the factoreds. Is there a quick test I can put in my if statement to see if the number is unfactored? Thank you for any help you can give.

-David C.
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If no factor has been found, there won't be any factors shown afterwards, that's all you need.
If gmp-ecm finds a factor, it says so...
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