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May 2014

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Default [Patch] "Test/Primenet" prompts improvements on console version

The askStr() function in Linux / OS X console builds work differently
than a GUI textbox. Specifically it doesn't yet allow inputting empty
strings (really!). If you press Enter without typing anything (not even
a whitespace), askStr() will assume the default value that has been
present in the original buffer.

Since we cannot have empty fields in here. Questions about optional
text fields have to be worked around.

This patch changes these:

1. In the user ID question, the user will now have to explicity type
"ANONYMOUS" to run anonymously. The "ANONYMOUS" value will be the
default upon the first time the user starts mprime, so that the flow
isn't changed for anonymous people setting up mprime. What's added is
that user may now re-login as ANONYMOUS by explicitly typing the name.

2. A "Use a proxy server?" Yes/No question has been added before asking
the proxy host name. This now allows users to disable proxy server.
Previously user will have to edit the INI to remove the ProxyHost field.

3. Fix "proxy user name" and "proxy password" prompts' off-by-one.

4. Limit the length of "proxy host name" prompt to 79. Sorry, this is
the limit on the get_line() function and the console. And I don't think
it's wise to expand the get_line() function buffer to above 80.

5. Ask "Output debug info to prime.log" even when proxy server is
disabled. (It didn't ask previously and it's a bug)

diff -r -u -p a/linux/menu.c b/linux/menu.c
--- a/linux/menu.c	2016-09-15 10:15:10.000000000 +0800
+++ b/linux/menu.c	2017-03-01 23:33:18.226177357 +0800
@@ -287,20 +287,19 @@
 void test_primenet (void)
-	int	m_primenet, m_dialup;
+	int	m_primenet, m_dialup, m_use_proxy;
 	unsigned long m_proxy_port, m_debug;
-	char	m_userid[21], m_compid[21], m_proxy_host[121];
-	char	m_proxy_user[51], m_proxy_pwd[51], orig_proxy_pwd[51];
+	char	m_userid[21], m_compid[21], m_proxy_host[120];
+	char	m_proxy_user[50], m_proxy_pwd[50], orig_proxy_pwd[50];
 	unsigned short proxy_port;
 	int	update_computer_info, primenet_debug;
-	char	m_username[81], m_userpwd[14];
 	update_computer_info = FALSE;
 	primenet_debug = IniSectionGetInt (INI_FILE, "PrimeNet", "Debug", 0);
 	m_primenet = USE_PRIMENET;
-	if (strcmp (USERID, "ANONYMOUS") == 0)
-		m_userid[0] = 0;
+	if (USERID[0] == 0)
+		strcpy (m_userid, "ANONYMOUS");
 		strcpy (m_userid, USERID);
 	strcpy (m_compid, COMPID);
@@ -313,18 +312,26 @@ void test_primenet (void)
 	askYN ("Use PrimeNet to get work and report results", &m_primenet);
 	if (!m_primenet) goto done;
-	outputLongLine ("\nYou must first create your user ID at or leave user ID blank to run anonymously.  See the readme.txt file for details.\n");
-	askStr ("Optional user ID", m_userid, 20);
+	printf ("\nCreate a user account at\n"
+		"You may join GIMPS with anonymous ID but it's not recommended.\n"
+		"See the readme.txt file for details.\n");
+	askStr ("User ID, or \"ANONYMOUS\"", m_userid, 20);
 	askStr ("Optional computer name", m_compid, 20);
 	askYN ("Computer uses a dial-up connection to the Internet", &m_dialup);
-	askStr ("Optional proxy host name", m_proxy_host, 120);
-	if (!m_proxy_host[0]) goto done;
-	askNum ("Proxy port number", &m_proxy_port, 1, 65535);
-	askStr ("Optional proxy user name", m_proxy_user, 50);
-	askStr ("Optional proxy password", m_proxy_pwd, 50);
+	askYN ("Use a proxy server", &m_use_proxy);
+	if (m_use_proxy) {
+		/* Sorry but we can only ask for up to 79 chars for this */
+		/* field on the console. User that needs a longer host name */
+		/* have to write it in INI directly. */
+		askStr ("Proxy host name", m_proxy_host, 79);
+		askNum ("Proxy port number", &m_proxy_port, 1, 65535);
+		askStr ("Optional proxy user name", m_proxy_user, 49);
+		askStr ("Optional proxy password", m_proxy_pwd, 49);
+	} else {
+		m_proxy_host[0] = 0;
+	}
 	askNum ("Output debug info to prime.log (0=none, 1=some, 2=lots)", &m_debug, 0, 2);
 done:	if (askOkCancel ()) {
@@ -348,9 +355,6 @@ void test_primenet (void)
-		if (m_userid[0] == 0)
-			strcpy (m_userid, "ANONYMOUS");
 		if (strcmp (USERID, m_userid) != 0) {
 			strcpy (USERID, m_userid);
 			sanitizeString (USERID);
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Fixed pretty much as suggested.

Note that fields like optional computer name have the same problem, once you've given a value for the computer name you change it to <blank>.
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May 2014

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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Fixed pretty much as suggested.

Note that fields like optional computer name have the same problem, once you've given a value for the computer name you change it to <blank>.
Thank you.

Regarding the computer name, I'm not sure how much effect it can have by setting it to blank, and I think having a Yes/No question before prompting the computer name would be overkill, hence I have no fix suggestions for now.
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