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Aramis Wyler
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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
We're currently taking anything available below 60M to 73, and anything above 62M to 74.
I'm pretty happy with how my assignments have been coming down lately. I have a batch file that checks my queues (2 queues) and if there is room in them it requests numbers from 50M to 62M to TF to 73, then if there is still room in the queues it requests numbers greater than 62M to take to 74.

The quote above ignores the 60M to 62M block, maybe because they're already all to 73 and we're not taking them to 74. Fine with me.

I'm posting though because I see in available assignments that there are a couple thousand assignments sitting there in the 60 to 62M range at 73, and the yellow parts of the graph say those aren't released till 74. So what is it, should those be being release at 73, or should we be factoring them to 74?

At the time of this posting, there are only 371 assignments left to take from 73 to 74 between 62M and 65M, so soon we'll be taking the 65M+ range from 71 to 74.
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If I May
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Originally Posted by Aramis Wyler View Post
So what is it, should those be being release at 73, or should we be factoring them to 74?
Things change as our situation (including available firepower) changes.

Currently those between 60M and 63M only TFed to 73 which become available from Primenet are held to take to 74.

These also form Spidy's "rip-cord" / "safety valve" -- if any candidates are at risk of being released at below 74 in the 69M range, several below 69M are released at 73.
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