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Default High CPU usage

I have just started searching for numbers, and I registrate that the CPU usage is relativitly high. Task Manager says 50% usage (evenly distributed on both cores).

I wonder what happens when I want to run a game. I know games comsumates a lot of resorces.

Will Prime95 "tune down" the usage, leaving enough for the game?

And... if this is how it works... how come Prime95 don't use maximum of CPU? Wouldn't that make the search go faster?
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I have a 2 core CPU. Should i use the newer software than what i found on (24.14)? Would that make the CPU usage 100%?
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You need to run a second instance of Prime95 to use both of your cores. To do this, copy the Prime95 folder and paste it somewhere, then delete the worktodo.ini file, then start Prime95.
Or you can use the newer version to run on both cores,, but it's pre-beta and could be unstable.

Yes, Prime95 will automatically "tune down" when something else needs to use the CPU, like a game (Windows actually handles it, Prime95 just tells Windows it's running at the lowest priority, so other things go first).
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