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Angry Wasted work

Just wasted a couple of days worth. I'll share this experience, might prevent someone from reapeating my mistake.
A few days ago I added a 256Mb bar to my computer (a Kingston PC2100 2.5). This RAM was already tested BUT on another computer. The timings were not the same as the ones on the bars I already had and I forgot to relax them.
After a whil, I open Prime95 and ... THE HORROR ... I get the infamous round error (0.49...)! I do a torture test, the same result after a couple of hours! The I figured out what's wrong, went and relaxed the memory timings, and run a 24h torture test (which passed :))
The good thing is I make save files each 1M iterations and I restrarted now from a file prior to the memory upgrade.
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Word to the wise. Test first, then run.
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