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Default Did somebody add dozens of RSA100s to the factordb?

Yesterday I got a bunch of C100s from the factordb to factor, but most of them split in P50*P50
that can't be a coincidence:
nfs: commencing nfs on c100: 2006634478233173875492829245544046072717409452275473238666897433524388896961450743271327649387969417
prp50 = 46024997424343849552883625578880708188355085445183
prp50 = 43598796100568847452748187446794698958190948166199

nfs: commencing nfs on c100: 1584181597643280191098445425265783174471913637465406551653211944763916400853672021216107248344048999
prp50 = 37145588329945248408292512732414293040749981865467
prp50 = 42647907029276422067408704417878131130048671256197

nfs: commencing nfs on c100: 1934770813350214390996494996633093042892671017263932499060338873315601438462563317975091054963052783
prp50 = 45376200521516148390049352452168406243661871025807
prp50 = 42638449035255809803475598166826414769843481790369
They all seem to be added at the same time:

Create time September 13, 2017, 9:32 am

Is there a project factoring RSA100s or is this just a troll polluting the database?
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Mar 2018

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I don't think the term "troll" is applicable here.

When I first discovered FactorDB, I had no idea that searching numbers would automatically add them to the DB. And also searching for them in bulk through the available tools... would add them in bulk. It's really counter-intuitive that a search function is actually changing data on the server, sometimes in big amounts.

And there's actually no function "determine if someone ever factored this number or not without adding more work to the system" at all! Which is what you would expect from a search.

At least, adding new numbers could be limited by authorization, but it's not. Instead, the limitations are quotas per IP (where CPU Time is usually hit well before "IDs created" quota). However, it is understandable that adding new numbers is permitted since this FactorDB doesn't distinguish adding totally new number from search and adding a new number from factoring an existing number.

Either way, no idea about the OP question and those numbers from September. Just wanted to share my thoughts on "benign/malicious" intents of factors being added. tl;dr: not malicious probably.
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Jan 2018

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There's been a large wall of C100s for quite a while (see I'm not surprised that they're factoring into P50*P50.
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The C100's that I've done at random are all P50*P50. No need to do ECM.
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So somebody added thousands of C80s to the database today... I randomly tried a few, they all seems to factor as P39*P42.
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I was going through "random 1000 small composites" list and so far all numbers were factors of 100 digit composites that were created March, 28th. I remember a while back the same thing was the case, the vast majority of the list were factors of 100 digit composites.

Is there some ransomware using RSA-100?

The remaining numbers were btw factors of n^17-1.

But yes, as DukeBG said 3 years ago this is likely not maliciousness of a person but just not knowing that searching means "queue this for factoring". I still thinks it's a bit odd.

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