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James Heinrich
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"James Heinrich"
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Default ECM - why 3 curves?

Just playing around with different assignment types I added one worker to do ECM ("ECM on Mersenne cofactors" specifically in my case), and I see that I'm assigned 3 curves each on a bunch of different exponents. Is there a particular reason for this instead of assigning me 10 or 100 curves on the same exponent?
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It makes sure assignments are returned swiftly, other than that I cant think of any good reason.

Advanced users can just edit the number of curves/bounds in their worktodo lines.
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I have one core doing that too. It's being assigned exponents typically in the 17M range (rarely 15M or 11M) and it's also doing only a few curves (1 or more rarely 3).

In those ranges, exponents have typically never had a single ECM test done. So the strategy seems to be breadth rather than depth.

Among other things, if there's a smallish factor that should have been found by TF but wasn't, then even a small number of ECM curves at t=25 might uncover it. And we might discover some unreliable machines that way too.
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Romulan Interpreter
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There is nothing wrong with assigning 3 curves, or either 2, or 1. Think about it like that, every curve is (somehow) equivalent with doing a P-1 test. Your chance to find factors is the same if you do 10 curves for one expo or 1 single curve for each of 10 different expos (well with reasonable assumptions about expo ranges and ecm boundaries).

Of course, you can do how many you want, a hundred, or a thousand, and report them.

Lower number of curves will ensure people finish their assignments and report something, instead of giving up without any report after half of the scheduled 100 curves.

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