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Default USING 2 X 1080TI

is there anywaty i can use my 2 x 1080ti using misfit. i cant run 2 instances.

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Originally Posted by bigsinky View Post
is there anywaty i can use my 2 x 1080ti using misfit. i cant run 2 instances.

It's unclear why you can't since you provide little information. Can you run them both manually without misfit? Are they in the same system, and are you using different device numbers in the mfaktc ini files? (First one is device 0, second is device 1)
I don't use misfit, but running multiple gpus (same or different models) in a system is no problem providing there are enough PCIe slots, enough space, and enough power supply capacity.
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You create one folder called "mfaktc" (or however you like) and inside of it, you make two folders "mf1" and "mf2" (or more, one for each card, if you have 10 cards, make 10 folders). Inside of mf1 and mf2, copy your preferred version of mfaktc, the dll/library it needs, the ini files. Each folder can be an identical copy of the others. Outside of these folders, i.e. in "mfaktc", copy misfit, and create a batch with the content similar to:
start "mf_1" /D mf1 /I /LOW mf1\mfaktc.exe -d 0
start "mf_2" /D mf2 /I /LOW mf2\mfaktc.exe -d 1
(use the right names and paths).

Then start misfit and use the "configuration editor" in its menu to add the instances, starting batch, getting work, etc.

Piece of cake. And it is "set it and forget it".

Ask if stuck.
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