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Default Where are these coming from?

I am working on double check TF assignments in the 55M range. From time to time work reappears in lower ranges where there were previously no available assignments. Just now a thousand TF candidates showed up in the 50M range.

Where do these come from?
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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
Where do these come from?
Sorry. Another SPE, but slightly different this time...

I brought those into GPU72 to get them for my own three GPUs; they were not meant for general distribution since they are below the "optimal cross-over point". They have been brought in to be processed to help Wayne's "sub-project", along with GIMPS.

But today has been a bit of a busy day for me (girlfriend's birthday party, rebuilding a RAID1 array for a client because of a failed hard-drive, other stuff I can't talk about) so I've been multitasking just a little bit.

The assignments you got are legitimate DCTF work (you can click on any of the assignments you received to see they are owned by GPU72 on your assignments page), but feel free to unreserve them if you like.

I have fixed the assignment URL so you (nor anyone else) won't get these again. Again, sorry about that (and thanks for keeping an eye out for things which are strange; sincerely).
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