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If I May
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Originally Posted by a1call View Post
You might very well make much more money that way.
LOL... Loved the clip, and you are ***so*** correct.

I know I will never be rich because I just can't think that way... 9-)
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Simplistic reductio ad absurdum, derivative of earlier works, lacking originality or artistry, the nadir of sloth, by a charlatan vainly posing as an artist. Lucrative for him though. The buyer turning an eventual profit depends on finding an even bigger sucker a like-minded collector with deep pockets. In most fields such behavior as selling this "art" would subject the culprit to prosecution.
It being only an idea without any tangible expression, it is uncopyrightable in many jurisdictions. If he was thinking ahead, the "Certificate of authenticity" was copyrighted.
To answer the question posed in the OP title, the buyer apparently thought so too.

Before a large building forrmerly housing Synchrotron Radiation Center was allocated by UW space management for construction of many of the hundreds of anode plane arrays required for the neutrino detector of DUNE, it was the site of an art exhibit, while still holding some decommissioned SRC ring components, and the beginnings of anode plane array prototyping. The ring components and 40% scale APA mini prototype got a lot of compliments. The artists' work seemed quite simplistic and dull in a lot of cases, in comparison to the functional hardware, which got a lot of compliments, including by some of the people identifying as artists.

Here's a video of winding a full scale APA in a light-weight plastic membrane clean room built and suspended in the same space, with a custom-built winder robot.

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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
I was thinking about this Cage piece yesterday, a similar effort to the "invisible sculpture".
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And then there is this track.

I understand that there is a cover version of it floating around some where and it too is like 4:33.
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Second sale of Banksy's shredded painting sets staggering new record at $25.4 million

"Love is in the Bin," renamed from "Girl with the Balloon," had a high estimate of £6 million ($8.3 million), six times its previous value of £1 million ($1.4 million).

The video also appears to poke fun at the art industry. Scenes seemingly recorded at a pre-sale event have been edited to feature snippets of conversation like "Oh gracious!" and "more Champagne?"
At one point, a man -- who appears to be an auction house employee -- is filmed standing beside the painting commenting on its now notorious frame.
"The artist put the frame on as well," he is heard saying. "You get that quite often with Banksy. He quite likes the romanticism of having a very ornate, National Gallery-esque frame."
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