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"Jason Goatcher"
Mar 2005

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Default Firefox copies Microsoft, makes downgrades into necessary upgrades

Firefox updated to Quantum, and I notice the difference immediately.

I absolutely have to open the sidebar to access my normal bookmarks. I don't know if this is a last second screwup, or maybe a monkey chooses what the best choices are, but this is royally f***ed up. I notice I can access my recently made bookmarks just fine, it's just my ACTUAL BOOKMARKS TOOLBAR that I have to open in the sidebar.

I'm sure there's awesome stuff about the update, supposedly it's half the lag of the last one,soooooo, yeah, that's awesome. But I want my bookmarks back where they were.

When bookmarks go well, life goes well. I need my bookmarks back where they were.

(Yes, this post is more nutty than I actually feel, but I'm still quite annoyed)
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"Tim Sorbera"
Aug 2006
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The Bookmarks Toolbar is still there for me, right where it always was.
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"Victor de Hollander"
Aug 2011
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My bookmark toolbar and the bookmark tab are both still there in Firefox 57 (64bit), it does indeed feel a little bit faster (especially with loading pages with lots of pictures).
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Oct 2008

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It's possible to use the Firefox LTS until July 2018. After that date there will be no updates though.
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FF 3.6.28: the one true browser.

Don't follow all the nonsense of continuous "upgrades", and forced updates, and whatnot. Stability and bugfreeness are more important IMO.
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Feb 2016
! North_America

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I made a switch from Firefox to Palemoon one and a half year ago. It's a fork from around FF 3-4, but today it's totally separated. Its multimedia/speed sometimes lags behind Chromium browsers, but it's stable for me with many functionality missing from the competition. And it comes with the old non-Australis ui. I'm using the Tangomoon theme.There are several extension which do not work since PM dropped the Jetpack Sdk. FF had something with dropping support to all old styled extensions several times. "What Firefox should have been."

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