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I usually do this with 9 cards, only need to deal 2 times. You can do it with 45 (15*3) and deal 4 times too, if you want it more difficult (generally with 3*(2^n-1) and deal N times) or you can do it with 25 cards in 5 columns and deal two times, etc. The only trick is to put the incriminated column in the middle every time, the rest is "central limit theorem" (to stay in the math field). The chosen card comes in the center every time. I especially like the version with 9 cards, because I have a "astonishing" way to show the card, after I deal two times, I place the cards in the hand, one up, one down (I don't know how to explain this...) and by pushing them up/down a couple of times, the card drops out (always the card in the middle drops, the fifth in the nine, and dealing two times ensures the card is in the middle - maybe someone knows to explain better the "pushing" part. The audience is always "jaw-dropped" after the card jumps out from the package.

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