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Oct 2011

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@ EdH :
Okay, I'll make all the changes in the next update, very soon...

@ Happy 5214 :
Yes, your last idea was also suggested to me by Karsten Bonath.
So the colors like now:
All: x [Green: Done] [Red: Open] [Blue: Cycle]
And then:
All: x [Green: Done] [Red: Open] [Yellow: merged] [Blue: Cycle]
And it also seems to me that this solution is the clearest and, as Karsten says, we don't need another explanation to understand.
Do you think that if we proceed in this way, you will be able to do the work that motivated you to make this request ?
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Will the merged sequences be taken out of the open count? I think double-counting the merged sequences in both totals would be confusing. Overall, this plan works.

In other news, I've finished work on my n=3 reservations and am releasing those.
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Oct 2011

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OK, page updated.
A lot of thanks to all for your help.

And once again, a big thank you to Karsten Bonath who sent me the modifications of the scripts.
I'm not comfortable in this area and if I had to make the changes myself, it would most likely take me several hours or even days. And there's no guarantee that my changes would be done successfully... I have already once caused a disaster by wanting to touch the scripts myself !

Please, don't forget to check for updates that concern you personally and report any errors to me.
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