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Default Best Laptop ever?

Dear friends,

I consider buying a notebook, and as I am not much of a gamer, and Vista is none of my priorities, I think a used one will largely do. But which?
A google search for "best laptop evar" yields thousands of sites saying that iBooks are the nonplusultra. Though, I am too much mainstream guy to be willing to start a system change.

So, I would like to ask you (since I am here) to tell about your positive (and perhaps negative) laptop experiences with x-86-machines. Everything counts: the finest hardware can be turned into crap by a stupid keyboard-layout, I guess, so if you were really happy with some machine, please tell me (and everybody else).

Thanks in advance (Yours H.)
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I have an old Thinkpad X21. It is all I need or want in a computer.
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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
I have an old Thinkpad X21. It is all I need or want in a computer.
*Very* happy with the ThinkPad I use at work - if you can get a gently used one with the nkind of CPU/memory you need for a good price, I think you'll be quite satisfied.
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I've succeeded in equipping my family with ThinkPads.
As all notebooks, they also fell considerably in price. I was surprised to get a R60 with good contents for €1200...

Depending on personal taste and resources, the T models could also be worth a try.
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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
I have an old Thinkpad X21. It is all I need or want in a computer.
I was going to say T23. I liked the T30, because it was a mobile northwood. :)

My current T41 is very solid. Though my Powerbook Titanium G4/800 has been rock solid for me surfing from the couch for the past 4 years or so. :)
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Ethan Hansen
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Add my voice to the ThinkPad chorus. If you are after a laptop actually designed for use on the road or in locations other than your desk, the IBM/Lenovo notebooks are hard to beat. They do not offer the snazziest and fastest hardware, nor do they have glowing cases or decorator colors. Instead, you get a notebook that shows a good amount of industrial design prowess.

Examples: The screen has a minimal bezel surrounding it and the hinges are recessed slightly into the base. This allows opening the screen and using it on an airline tray. The keyboard uses the entire width of the notebook, making it usable for those of us with larger than average size mitts. The hard drive automatically parks itself when a shock is detected, the wireless antenna wraps around the screen giving excellent range, and the screen has a wider than average viewing angle. Also on the plus side is the IBM/Lenovo service. My dealings with them have been far better than similar calls to Dell, Toshiba, and others. One gets connected to a knowledgeable person fairly quickly, and if the support tech does not know the answer I have received follow-up calls within an hour. Service is also very good. Call IBM on day 1, receive a prepaid DHL box on the morning of day 2 and mail it that afternoon, the machine is serviced and shipped back on day 3, all is working again by the morning of day 4.
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