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Default a p+1 factoring test for Mp ?

A peaceful and pleasent new year 2021,

Is a p+1 factoring test for Mp possible or not ?

You could use complex numbers and make a similar factoring test like p-1.

In the section math there is no description about it

and I see no argument why this should not be possible.

Thanks if you spend me some lines.

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Using Mp and p+1 in one sentence has an unintended consequence that your brain initially assumes that "p" is the same.
You should have phrased you question that (assumed) you mean Williams's p+1 algorithm. Where "p" is actually "f", i.e. the factor to be found.

It is possible but will be comparable to ecm. f+1 has the same chances to be smooth as any other number of the same size.*
Except you can run many ecm curves, but only one p+1 "curve".
*compare: for Mersennes, f-1 contains p, and (f-1)/p has a significantly better chance of being smooth than any sibling of f.
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