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Question Manual rebuild of worktodo.txt


I have lost worktodo.txt after a reboot and only have 8 groups of PO3XXXXX/PO3XXXXX.bu/PO3XXXXX.bu2 files.

Any suggestions how to map these file names to config required in worktodo.txt lines, like Test=A5996856A4F73D28634EFA6CB510066F,exponent,68,1?

Many thanks
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Should work with just:

where exponent = YY3XXXXX

If you don't remember YY number, go to and log in with your userid and password, then go to "My Account" - "Assignments" to see your current assignments.

If you forgot, you can find your userid in prime.txt under "UserID=", and password here:

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The exponent can be recovered from the save file's name. I don't know the exact encoding, (the first couple digits are encoded in letters and numbers) but the last several digits (5-6 I think) are right there in the file name.
If you have a PrimeNet account that all this work is reserved through, you can reconstruct the worktodo lines. If not, (i.e. you got the work as ANONYMOUS) you've lost the assignment keys that let the server know you're the rightful owner of the work and this gets a bit more complicated (post saying so and you can get more help with that). If you have a PrimeNet account, go to and log in, and it will list your assignments. To convert those to Prime95 worktodo.txt lines, get the following info for each exponent:
assignment type - listed on that page
Assignment ID - in the source of that page, in each assignment's line, it is there; it's the long hex string
exponent - listed on that page
TF bit depth - listed at
P-1 done - also listed at

Now to construct the worktodo.txt line:
If the assignment type is "LL", put "Test=", if it's "D" put "DoubleCheck=". Next put the assignment ID. Then put a comma and the exponent. Then a comma and the bit depth. Then a comma and the P-1 done status (1 for yes, 0 for no).
Prime95 will automatically pick up the old save files and use them.
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