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Default v5 Server Conversion

Well .. I thought I followed the instructions exactly, but in the new version, I only have one of the previous four exponents showing up under worker 1. Worker 2, 3, and 4 all have new assignments. All of these were about 47% done. I merged all of the ini file information into a new worktodo.txt file. Where did I go wrong.

Tonight I uninstalled everything and started with a new install. After starting the program I had the same information as I had before. So it's obvious that everything is being retained on the new server, with nothing retained locally.

I have all of the old p, q, and m files. I've tried a couple of suggestions mentioned here with no success. Does anyone know how I can recover the three exponents I'm missing from the data I've saved from the old version of Prime95?

Thanks much in advance.
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STOP Prime95.

Beware if your OS is Windows Vista, you will have problems writing to the files of the Prime95 folder if it is in C:\Program Files. It is better to move the whole Prime95 instalation to a subfolder of Documents or a subfolder of the root or a subfolder of c:\Program Data.

Then open worktodo.txt, add the missing assignments from the old worktodo.ini files under [Worker #2], [Worker #3] and [Worker #4]. Copy the p, q and m files to the same directory as your new version of Prime95 (if you did not already do it.)

Restart Prime95, you can check by going to the menu "Test / Status" if the assigments have been recognised.

Now by going to the menu "Advanced / Manual Communication" and checking the [Send new expected completion dates to the server." you confirm the assignment of those exponents.

The important part is to STOP Prime95 before modifying the worktodo.txt file by hand.

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That did it. Thanks again!

I'm pretty sure is was the new security in Vista. I moved everything out to the ProgramData directory and when I restarted, I entered new information just as if a new install.

There ought to be a note about the Program Files issue, along with the other Vista warning on the install instructions.
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Originally Posted by compusion View Post
There ought to be a note about the Program Files issue, along with the other Vista warning on the install instructions.
And the wiki.
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