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Default 2017

I am already in 2017 and I should not talk to you anymore, because you are so late... therefore I don't know why I am posting this...

anyhow.... I raise my glass of champagne to you all and say it ...

I wish you all that 2017 be a prosperous and happy year for you, and have a lot of joy together with all your family, friends and loved ones...

May you be loved and be healthy, because the health is most important, the rest we do slowly, little by little.

Happy primes, gaps, mileage (for Mike), whatever you are hunting, happy hunting.

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Default Happy new year 306!

Happy new year!

I hope we find at least M50 this year.
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Happy New Year....just over 11 hours to go here.
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Originally Posted by petrw1 View Post
Happy New Year....just over 11 hours to go here.
just over 8 here in the maritimes
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3h31m here in UTC.
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Happy New Year Everyone and happy prime hunting in 2017!

Sadly, here on Neptune, my New Year comes only every 164.8 Earth years so I still have quite a wait. ( Maybe that's why my internet access is so slow, the latency is killing me! )
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3 hours to go here.
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After milion nines:)

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One hour left!

May, all of us here, as our families, and friends have in New 2017 many health, love and prosper. And for us here, at forum: may any of us find many primes as can get :)
Happy New Year!
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I found a prime! It is 2017

Happy New Year!
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It's past midnight here in the Netherlands.
Best wishes to everyone on the forum for \(9^2+44^2\)
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