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Default How to send a PM to Batalov

As title says how can I send a PM to Batalov. Looks like I'm not allowed to do so hence when I click PM a bunch of his relatives appear on images.

Batalov, please help me at NFS@Hone to localise your post-processing msieve logs, you've done at least 4. It's much appreciated from myself so I can ocomplete the upload of the log files into pastebin.

Thank you in advance,

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11_327_minus1   Cunningham      SNFS(227)       30      20-64 M Serge Batalov: p77 * p116
853_83_minus1   OddPerfect      SNFS(246)       31      30-280 M        Serge Batalov: p95 * p98
L1112           Lucas           SNFS(233)       31      20-100 M        Serge Batalov: p72 * p101
L1129           Lucas           SNFS(236)       30      20-136 M        Serge Batalov: p95 * p136
I wouldn't expect to be able to find them in old folders; these were quite small, I am quite sure that I did not keep anything.

Re: PMs: I receive and send PMs without any problems. I don't have any blocked people, even banned users can and do write to me.
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He was clicking your avatar, instead of clicking your name
Also, clicking the "Private messages" in the upper right corner, selecting new message, and typing your name, works.
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I'm pretty sure I couldn't send PM to the red moderators but Mike can help us on this. I'm using an iPhone.

Thank you anyway.
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