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Unhappy Suspect Software Incompatibility

Since installing VMWare Horizon client to access workplace server, my Dell system loses keyboard and mouse access after Prime95 has been running a while, forcing a hard reboot and disabling of the Prime client to regain access. Any ideas besides disabling the VMWare client?
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"losing kb/mouse access" sounds more like a hard lockup- does the screen indicate computations are running normally after kb/mouse fail?

It might just be overheating?
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Not related to p95, but a win7 issue. We use synergy to access different machines around, and have the same problem with other tasks. Especially what bother us most is that we can not login next morning, if after logout in the evening, we (or a colleague) moved the mouse out of screen (to another computer's screen which is not logged out). We can use the other computer, but it is no way to come back to this computer and click the box where we have to type the login password. Neither local kbd (tab, alt-space, F6, etc, other meanings to "switch tasks") do not work. Hard reboot.

We now close synergy before logout, and since a while we discovered a better way, we take the (wireless) mouse from the table and hide it in the drawer (turning it off from the switch under its belly doesn't help, we tried)

Also, opening any system/console/[on screen keyboard*] on the guest machine (not the one where the mouse is physically connected) during normal work, loses the synergy access. We have to lift our bottom and use the local kbd on that machine to terminate the window (that computer has no mouse connected, but it has a local kbd laying somewhere around, out of our reach)

[edit: * also opening the "on screen kbd" on the target computer, we can click the keys with the remote mouse, but we ca not close it anymore, from the red X. By some magic we can't understand - and we were a "windows programmer" for 30 years! I mean system programmer, not applications, we ported winCE to embedded systems, etc. - the red X is totally insensitive to the remote mouse working over synergy (wired net) - none of these thingies ever happened with win XP in the past, before we migrated to 7]

So, losing kbg and mouse access may not be related to "running P95 for a while" but to levels of priorities for those windows that you open and close.

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Smile Problem solved

Tnx for "housekeeping" suggestion. Some dust in CPU/FPU fan - sprayed that and air movement fans clean - so far after 24 hrs no more KB/mouse freeze!
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