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Richard Cameron
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Mar 2005

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Default ok to let it expire?

I've just plugged in an old machine for the first time in six years or so and it got assigned a double check (actually it seems primenet v4 thinks its a first time assignment but v5 shows it as a double check). Its in the 32M range, which may be where first time checks were last time the PC was used.

I probably won't switch the PC on again. Is it ok to just let the exponent expire and be reassigned when DCs get to 32M or should I manually release it? I suppose I'm just checking that this isn't a sought-after exponent that has been given to my trusted celeron400 for a quick turn round.


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Account Deleted
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"Tim Sorbera"
Aug 2006
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If you don't plan to finish it, I'd say to either move it to another machine or manually unreserve it. Since it sounds like you haven't done any significant work on it, I'd say unreserve it.
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Indeed, unreserving the exponent is the polite thing to do...but 32M range isn't going to be finished this year, I don't think, so the holdup will be minimal if you don't. I think it might be more significant if you had something in the 25M range.
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Dec 2006

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I, for one, would be happy to take it on.

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Richard Cameron
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Mar 2005

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Default its there if you want it.

the exponent is 32145943. I've unreserved it.

Primenet seems to think that my old machine could get through it in three weeks. I don't think a Celeron400 could do that running 247, though mine never ran 24 nor 7.
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