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I erroneously posted "ANONYMOUS" on my GIMPS job on my laptop. The exponents I have running are 45292771 and 45292781. Could someone change this to "mpeisl11" (my and GIMPS account ID) ?

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Originally Posted by mpeisl11 View Post
Could someone change this to "mpeisl11" (my and GIMPS account ID) ?

You should be able to do that quite easily yourself (unless the assignment is already complete and results have been turned in).

I am assuming you are running Windows client ... if not someone else will have to chime in for Linux, Mac, etc.

On the GUI select:
Enter your "Optional user ID:" it should be blank now or it might say ANONYMOUS.

Any luck?
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Lightbulb Possible feature request?

I wonder how hard it would be for George to have some sort of pop-up window appear on the screen when you first start Prime95 - something like "Warning: You are registering as ANONYMOUS, and will not be able to track your credit or progress" or something like that, and then prompt the user for an ID, or if the user chooses, they could stay ANONYMOUS.

Or what if we just do away with ANONYMOUS, and assign a generic serial number ID for those not filling out the PrimeNet form. If the user wishes to be anonymous, well, just ignore the assigned ID number. On the other hand, if someone mistakenly becomes ANONYMOUS, they could at least get their stats back when they re-register with the server.

There's got to be a way around this problem...
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A minor issue I've encountered is with a V4 exponent assignment (42869389) still listed in my assignments even though it's been completed and credited in V5 [my bad for h/w & gimps version 25 bumps :-p] ::

Assigned LL testing to "xkey" on 2008-10-27
HistoryB1=495000, B2=2257500 by "xkey" on 2009-04-25
History024BBED1E71460__ by "xkey" on 2009-04-28

Since it's been completed & submitted I don't think I should unreserve the exponent ...
Can someone please clear that V4 assignment for me so that things are kosher?

Last fiddled with by xkey on 2009-04-28 at 13:54
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Originally Posted by xkey View Post
Since it's been completed & submitted I don't think I should unreserve the exponent ...
Go ahead and unreserve the exponent. It won't affect any completion result that already shows up in the reports, as yours does. Actually, you'll be doing GIMPS a favor by cleaning up that hanging reservation.

And don't be too sure the situation is your fault. GIMPS and PrimeNet aren't perfect, especially during the recent v4->v5 transition.

Last fiddled with by cheesehead on 2009-04-28 at 19:23
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