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Default PrimeForm yielding few results - problem with equation?

I have been entering various equations into PrimeForm (PFGW), with small results (1000-10000 digits mostly), but with few or no results. Is there something wrong with the type of equations I am inputting, or is it something else

PS - When looking at the output, I detect no visable relation in the prime factors - they can be as small as 2-3, or 'large' as in the tens of thousands (smallest primes)


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Firstly, what you are entering into PFGW are not equations: You do not use the equals symbol, "=" -- they are rather called expressions or forms. The "F" in PFGW stands for the word "form".

Secondly, we don't have much to go on, as you did not say what expressions, from the zillions possible, you were putting into PFGW.

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