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Default Before you post your new theory about prime, remember

We CAN FACTOR any number up to 70 digits in second ( ecm (java application), SIQS (yafu link with source)
WE CAN FACTOR any number up to 120 digits in a couple hours ( GGNFS) larger number may take a couple days.
We CAN PROVE ANY number up to 300digits in seconds, 1000 digits in 1 minute, 2000 digits in 12 min and 3000 digits in a bit more than one hour (
We CAN add, multiply, divide any number upto 10 000 digits ( 10 thousand digits) in seconds upto a minute(integer only) (

If you can stand to these standard, Come on if you think you are hard enough. Otherwise, be prepared to be relegated to the miscellanous math subforum, wich the place for misguided theories and crank.
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