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Default A couple things

I went to the Mlucas page to get the non-PC version of the souce but the link seems to be bad. Also, I see that there are not currently pre-compiled binaries for Solaris (Sparc or x86). I have access to a fair number of Sun boxes and would be willing to compile the sources if there's an interest in having me do so.
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Aug 2002
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Certainly. I did a lot of compiling and building for my dog-slow Ultra 5 about a year ago. That was with 2.7c and 2.8 is reputed to be faster. It would be nice to see what a precompiled version can do. BTW, you can also root around in the ftp directory if the link is broken. i.e., remove the README.html from the URL and take a look.
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Me too. I've got access to a dozen boxes. Can't get admin rights to the boxes. All they do right now is collect dust.

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Do you need admin rights to start programs there?

What to definitely need is an admin allowing you to run gimps on the computers...
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