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Default Two Amazing Things

First of all, I have a 363MHZ PII that has gone a lot faster recently. Maybe this is because I put more memory to background apps and system cache than programs and I'm doing Windows Update to my new XP install. Anyway, I used to wonder why we did P-1 tests. I had to do one before doing a LL test. One week I P-1ed 24/7 the whole week and I got a mere 5%. Yesterday, it suddenly jumped to 80%. Now it is already almost 40,000 iterations into the LL test.

Also when I turned my other computer on there was a Yahoo Insider I always get and it was talking about optimizing your PC. I'll get you the link below.

One thing in there was cleaning the registry. I've heard of that before and it sounds interesting.
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Registry cleaning can help. I do that fairly regularly myself. There are a number of free products out there that do this. My personal favorite is RegSeeker.
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