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There must be others here who have experienced the same thing..similar to Maxwell's conception, though he did some interesting (and incorrect) work in this regard as well. I came across a situation years ago where some interesting equations developed relative to Absolute zero and certain geometric/dimensional configurations where a static limit point resolved to a particular numeric value. I eventually tracked down this value as resembling Faraday's constant. Naturally this relates to Avogadro's constant and a few other interesting things.
Also, when mathematical book-keeping is kept tight and you understand the genesis of every variable introduced and it's interpretation within an equation is clear, utilizing tools of ever greater mathematical sophistication (as well as possible physical analogies) some surprises will surely arise causing you some moments of pause.

Here's a link to some more puzzle pieces:

Symbolic logic works great but certain limits of abstraction still need to be worked out both in the manner of conception and utilization. There are better tools that are on the road to being developed and from what I've noticed not everyone out there is a good carpenter.

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From Kirsten Banks, on twitter :

Direct detection of dark energy: the XENON1T excess and future prospects

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Historic go-ahead for malaria vaccine in Africa

RIght now, this is one of the most read articles on the BBC news website.
Apparently, however, even more people wanted to read the article
Kylie confirms she is moving back to Australia
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“The cusp of an apple” by Aditi Chakrabarti, Thomas C. T. Michaels, Sifan Yin, Eric Sun and L. Mahadevan, 4 October 2021, Nature Physics. DOI: 10.1038/s41567-021-01335-8.
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Originally Posted by Dobri View Post
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Originally Posted by retina View Post
Here is a link to a non-technical description of the results for free,
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A 14-year-old won a prestigious award for his discoveries on 'antiprime' numbers
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Analysis of DNA contained in the soil showed that mammoths were living in mainland Siberia 3,900 years ago -- after the Great Pyramid of Giza was built in Egypt and the megaliths of Stonehenge were erected.
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