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Feb 2004

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Originally Posted by ppo
... but waiting for the double confirmation to complete is a necessary step to give credibility in the academic world to the discovery.
Yes. Doing the verification a) with a different program written in a different language, b) with a different hardware, c) by a different person, and d) in a different place, leads to a null probability of a mistake, I think.
Though re-starting prime95 from a saved intermediate file may repeat a mistake.
But the probability to have prime95 saying "prime!" while the number is composite is really, really, really, really, really, ... small, I think.
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Jeff Gilchrist
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I haven't heard anything from George yet so I'm still in the dark.

Tony: The 128CPU Itanium2 system is "currently being setup" so I won't have access to it. The best I can do is a 16CPU Alpha system which may or may not be busy (I might be able to get 10CPUs) so you should definitely finish before I could if you get authorization.
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Originally Posted by T.Rex
The computation should take 6 days if no problem. Probably 7 or 8.
The longer it takes, the better, I'd say.
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I think George is on vacation this week hence the silence on his part. Oh damn! We have to wait an extra week before verification.
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* This summary includes only section (1), and counts for sections (2) and (3).

DB-Library: Unable to connect: SQL Server is unavailable or does not exist. Specified SQL server not found.
Net-Library error 2: ConnectionOpen (CreateFile()).

Refer to the PrimeNet statistics charts for more information.
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My encrypted prediction is:

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Old 2005-12-16, 22:23   #29
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I think it's (encrypted) 123703878453746 :)
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Status Summary Report 16 Dec 2005 22:00 (16 Dec 2005 14:00 Pacific)

Machines Applied on  46231 Accounts    Server Synchronization 15 Dec 2005 03:47

                  ------- Mersenne Exponent Test State -------
      Assigned in Tests                 Cleared Since Last Synchronization
  Factoring only        :   9397          Factored composite    :    758
  Lucas-Lehmer testing  :  56640          Lucas-Lehmer composite:   4142
  Double-checking LL    :  20148          Double-checked LL     :   2379
                                          Prime, UNVERIFIED     :      1
  ---------------------- -------          ---------------------- -------
                  TOTAL :  86185                          TOTAL :   7280
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Dec 2003
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Any volunteers to start the data mining for possible candidates? Unfortunately, it appears that PrimeCruncher isn't active this time...
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that's awesome, we are going to have to sit on our hands until some of the administration gets back.
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Oct 2005

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So ? We have not any fast computer to test the probable new Mersenne ?
Let's call the people at Livermore in California and ask them if we can borrow Blue Gene L for some minutes ... so we can test the new prime
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