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Default HELP: how to link coff obj files in linux

Hi there

I am writing a simple c++ program that makes use of some assembly written functions (bit rotation specially). i have compiled the asm files under windows using masm, with the syntax:

ml /c /coff bitrotation.asm

The problem is that when i try to compile and link those under linux it doesn't work, i guess because of the coff format of the files. how do i get it to work?? i know i have to use objcopy, but i don't know which syntax to use...

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I'm dodging the question, but have you tried assembling the file on Linux with NASM? That's the cleaner way to do it. You'll get an object file in the native ELF format that will link easily.
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You need to use objcopy to convert from COFF to ELF format. The bad news is most distros do not include COFF support by default, so you'll need to download the sources and rebuild objcopy with COFF support.
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