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Dec 2002
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Default Happy Birthday, Forum!

If I'm not mistaken, this is the one year anniversary of the Forum, judging by the earliest registered users and first posts. Way to go!
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Sep 2002
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It is indeeed the anniversary date :D .
I don´t have enough data to do that, but may be someone who has it could care to assess how much GIMPS has grown in terms of work produced in the last year compared to previous years (prior to the forum). That would show how this forum has really pushed GIMPS forward. I´m sure it has been a big contribution, but as I said, don´t have enough data support my claim...
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Sep 2002
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remember going here on Aug 15th . I didn't join until much later, because I felt intimidated :D at the time. I didn't know too much about Prime95...

I think this tread should stay at the top of the forum for a few days. Could someone sticky it :D ?
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Dec 2002
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Just post a reply to keep it at the top :) :D
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Jun 2003

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But when I saw this it's No.6 (without counting sticky) ;)
It seems that you failed :( :( :(

So I'm coming to help you :)
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Talking And here we still are...

...nine birthdays later!
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Talking si_mp_le c cal_culus math

Originally Posted by NBtarheel_33 View Post
...nine birthdays later!
(y^c-y)/d-y/y=d^y ( q )

Last fiddled with by cmd on 2011-08-15 at 08:37 Reason: #7+y
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Default Happy Birthday, Computer

Sing happy birthday to my computer.
My 233MMX is now 14 years old, and working better than ever.
I still run BOINC on it, although there are not many projects now that are still suitable for very slow machines like this.
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