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Default Need Linux ecm to "behave."

My power supply died about a week back(it's fixed now), so I had to use my Linux computer to do my web-surfing. The problem was that everytime the ecm program got to step 2 of the calculations, which lasted about 5 minutes about every 4 hours, my web surfing became impossible until it finished. I could come in my room and know it would be awhile until I could surf the net because the hard drive light would be bright red.

Is there a way to get the ecm program to behave a little better, or am I doing something wrong in Linux? Btw, this problem doesn't show up at all on my Windows computer.
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Step 2 requires much more memory than step 1, so it is possible that when you use the Web browser the computer starts swapping data between main memory and its hard disk (that's why you see the disk light turned on).

The only fix is to add more RAM to your computer's motherboard.
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Now I haven't tried this myself (yet!), so with that caveat...:
I made a similar query to the developers of GMP-ECM (Paul Zimmermann et al.) and ECMNet (Mark Rodenkirch), and what I concluded from what they suggested was that it might be possible to alleviate this problem by adjusting the 'k' value of GMP-ECM (if running directly) (read the GMP-ECM readme for more details) or by adjusting the 'gmpecmkvalue' of ecmclient.cfg (if running via ECMNet) [as I, and I suspect, you, are]
HTH, pls let me know how you get on...
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