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Default Assignment category downgrade

I think I know the answers to my questions below, but would like some confirmation.

One of my machines has been running Cat 1 PRP assignments for a while, but a LL-DC result returned nearly 3 months ago was recently confirmed bad by a triple check. I noticed the next queued PRP assignment is in Cat 3. So did the bad LL-DC result cause the machine to be downgraded from Cat 1 to Cat 3 for PRP assignments?

Also, per the assignment rule "Computer must have no expired assignments or bad or suspect results in the last 120 days" for Cat 2 and lower, and assuming my machine produces no more bad results going forward, does this mean that machine will sit in a Cat 3 "penalty box" for another month before being allowed back into Cat 2 and below?
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Originally Posted by scan80269 View Post
I think I know the answers to my questions below, but would like some confirmation.

You've "parsed" the language correctly. I presume you've read it, but the PrimeNet Assignment Rules is the "human" translation of what George et al have codified for "the machine".
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