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Jan 2003
North Carolina

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Presently, what is your favorite game? Board games? Cards? PC?

I play canasta regularly. But not as much as I used to . . .
In June I got a demo CD of Unreal Tournament 2004 and played online. Then I bought it.
Then I found a couple of great ONS servers. Then I found the ARStechnica ONS server and . . . Now I am addicted to ONS.
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Jun 2004

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I've been playing Madden 2004 a bunch, because 2005 isn't out for PC yet.
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Sep 2003
Borg HQ, Delta Quadrant

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My favorite... well, it's not exactly a board game, but... Dominoes, starting with double 12. Six of us get together and have a grand time playing that. I won the last match by winning six consecutive rounds; that's got to be a record.

Favorite game for the PC... either Stellar Frontier or The Corporate Machine.
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Aug 2002

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My son and I play "Hey You Pikachu!" a lot... It is some sort of Pokemon game where you have to talk to it to get it to do stuff...

We're stuck in the Stone Age here... We have a N64 and a SNES... We just got a GBA but the screen is too small for both of us to be able to see it at the same time, so he plays that in the car...
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Aug 2003
Snicker, AL

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My kids play an old nintendo, a super nintendo, and a gameboy sp. Pretty dated stuff.

I enjoy a game called Slay and another called Critical Mass. You would be surprised how much fun they are even though they are relatively simple. They are from

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Jul 2004

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free lancer
tribes 2 (favorite)
starsiege tribes (this is out for free good game check it out)
those are a few
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Jul 2004

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Myst 3, Syberia, Max Payne 1 and 2, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, Minesweeper, Solitair, Unreal Tournament 2004, BF: Vietnam. and those are a few as well.
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Mar 2004

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I've never been a computer guy, but a friend of mine got me into Starcraft and Starcraft w/ Broodwar expansion. I'm not good at all, and I've only played like 10 games, but it's addicting. I can't wait til I have time to play again.
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Mar 2004

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Diablo I/II
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Apr 2003
Between here and the

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Originally Posted by dominicanpapi82
Diablo I/II
Good games. Although I have not had the time to complete DII LOD.
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Jun 2005

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Ping Pong (on an actual table)
Diablo II
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