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Default A probably easy question about PFGW and twins

I am fooling around with PFGW and the documentation says that it will "automatically find multi-prime sets from NewPGen files, such as twins or sophies etc."

But I end up with a list of PRPs from the +1 side when I feed a NewPGen twin sieve file into PFGW. Of course I can prove these, then test their -1 partners. But that means I might test much more than necessary.

Is there any way to make PFGW test the -1 side as soon as the +1 side is found PRP?


EDIT: Sorry for the confusion, using -l I found in the logfile that it does indeed test the -1 candidates when +1 is PRP, I just did not see it without the -l switch. Feel free to delete this thread if you like.

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