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Unfortunately, for me, only Windows is a choice in that project, so I only have one computer I can use, and it's committed to another project for a good long while.
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If we wanted to ensure a certain milestone was achieved early, say LLR testing to n=10M, it would be logical to start at n=10M and LLR the candidates in reverse order, and meet Primegrid on the way up.

But I am not volunteering to administer such a search :-) I would rather let Primegrid do the hard LLR work, and cheer when they find the first Prime Cullen Prime.
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Originally Posted by geoff View Post
I would rather let Primegrid do the hard LLR work, and cheer when they find the first Prime Cullen Prime.
That's what I think. If somebody else is doing your work, and better with less effort, you'd be better devoting yourself to something else.

The point of PrimeCullenPrime was to do some search at all, and that worked fine. Almost nobody seemed interested, but we would have arrived to something over the years. PG is doing all that and more in a few months.

For those who want niche projects, there is always Sierpinski base 4 and stuff.

The only useful thing I can imagine we could do is sieving some only prime candidates for a future Prime Grid "prime n" assault. Yet, there are probably better ways for spending our few ressources.

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